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Siyanda Massage is a unique energizing, 100% injury free, zero strain technique for the practitioner and a deep, releasing and relaxing treatment for the client.

Mission Statement

Siyanda provides the therapist with a massage that is totally unique.
It offers a proven and efficient technique that allows the therapist to maintain zero strain on the body and 100% injury free to the hands, wrists and back.

This holistic treatment has an energizing effect on the therapist, which is a form of synergy, allowing at the same time, to give a relaxing and deep tissue massage, where the client is able to connect with their inner most self and in doing so, experiences transformation where healing takes place on many levels.

In learning this technique and using effective key factors, encompassing the way we breathe, think and move during a Siyanda session, the therapist is able to provide a safe and comfortable space, where the client experiences a highly beneficial treatment, which releases emotions, stress, pain, fatigue…the benefits are endless!

We would also describe it as a much needed Oasis for those who are living in troubled times, which allows a switching off from everyday challenges and a hectic life style.


I felt very relieved, very relaxed and after each massage I felt a great happiness!!!!!…Read More
Tasos Kipreos


This wonderful massage gave me great energy and flexibility…Read More
Sofia Mastromina


Siyanda helped me to overcome the pain that I had in my legs because of the continual standing at work….Read More
Nicol Louzi


The Siyanda massage helped me to free up my mind and make the decision to change my line of work…Read More
Sotiria Vidali