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Do you feel alone, unsupported or that there are too many demands on you, either from your work – colleagues, friends, family or even from yourself?

This unfortunately is being recognised as a syndrome all too common of modern day living. In the world of today, most of us are not living but surviving in a “concrete jungle”. Whether we are living in a city, town or countryside, we are becoming overburdened and within ourselves isolated, in an attempt to get through the day, the week and the year we are becoming “drained of all energy”. It’s like we are on a continual merry go round or a wheel within the cage of a hamster. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

More and more books, video’s on youtube and self-development workshops/seminars are being sought after. Everything is going so fast whilst we try to keep up.

One of the principal elements of a Siyanda massage treatment targets this very particular important aspect of life in the 21st century.

Incorporating healing methods that are a fusion of ancient theories and techniques, the recipient finds themselves in a state of Nirvana. This happens by relaxing and reaching an Alpha state whilst breathing gently into the massage, with focus on the entire body, as it melts and surrenders to the movements being administered by the highly trained Siyanda massage therapist.  Whilst experiencing a Siyanda massage, it is possible and very often the case (although sometimes this will be on the following visit if not on the first) for the recipient to experience what I like to call a kind of “dialogue” taking place between their conscious and subconscious connecting them to their most inner being.

Siyanda is a massage that works on 5 levels (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual) for the recipient. For the therapist it is a 100% injury free and no strain technique. It offers the recipient the opportunity to completely let the outside world “spin by its self on its axis”, whilst the treatment is in progress (normally 60 or 90 mins). Allowing them to connect with their true selves in a state of no demands, no worries just bliss. They will have found their Oasis……. ffffff


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