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Could the saying “we are what we think” apply as much as the other saying “We are what we eat”?

Every cell in our body is a mono cell and indeed can live totally on its own, however, it prefers to live in groups that form body tissue (Just like we have a family group) and that tissue goes on to form organs (just like we have communities) and eventually our entire body is created, made up of trillions of tiny individual cells. Each one having and (hopefully) enjoying a life of its own.

In every cell there are all the same systems that you and I as human beings consist of. Each cell has a respiratory, excretory, reproductive, digestive etc. etc. system. It even has the equivalent of a brain known as the Membrane, the outer layer of the cell. This is where the intelligence of the cell resides and performs such functions as not allowing anything detrimental into the cell and making sure that all beneficial properties remain inside.

Scientific studies find that genes can be turned on and off by environmental signals, including thoughts, feelings and emotions, from outside the cell. Cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, conducted a series of experiments that reveal that the cell membrane, is the organic equivalent of a computer chip.

Dr. Lipton shows that human beings can control gene activity and even rewrite their genes by focusing on their beliefs. These beliefs, true or false, positive or negative, creative or destructive, exist not simply in our minds; they are directed downward to the level of the cells of our bodies. He also shows how even our most firmly held beliefs can be changed, which means that we have the power to reshape our lives. Although this view conflicts with the widely held scientific dogma that genes control behavior, papers by other researchers have validated his iconoclastic thinking.

If we therefore can compare ourselves to a tiny cell within our body, one being on a microcosmic level and the other on a macrocosmic level, it would seem logical that if we treat our whole body with love and understanding that it will thrive.  As it does! However, if we treat it badly the consequences are that it will suffer and mal function. Which again is what happens.

Most of us don’t really treat our cells (our body’s) with respect, love and understanding. And when things go wrong and the result is dis-ease we still don’t ‘get it’! That’s when we put a whole load of chemicals in to reset a faulty, rusty and ill working piece of what once was precision equipment.

So, if we want cells to live in a conducive environment then we have to make sure that its fuel is the right kind. After all we wouldn’t put diesel into a petrol car. We sometimes starve it for many hours until the mechanism is out of control and things like sugar levels don’t know what they are meant to do anymore. Our bodies operate predominately on Alkaline, although we are pouring into them too much acid on a daily basis, up until those poor cells go crazy and turn violently against their brothers and sisters. We push our physical, emotional and mental body to their limits. Then wonder why we have ‘break downs’.

Because of the climax in illness’ today, maybe it’s time to start being more gentle towards ourselves and what we are made of. Living in a world of constant noise and action, it’s very difficult for us to pay attention to our bodies cries. For me a pain in the body is like a warning red light in your car that something is not running smoothly and you ought to pay attention and take care. Or its going to stop in the middle of the road, just when you realize just how much you need it.

I advocate that by taking care of what we eat, how we treat our bodies on a physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual level, will mean we get more mileage out of it with many comfortable and interesting drives along the scenic route and for so much longer.

We rarely consider that just like those cells in our body’s, we are indeed also mono cells on this planet and the earth is a mono cell in the universe and the universe in the galaxy and so on and so forth.


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