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How does the client benefit and feel from a Siyanda session?

Clients become aware of how they are feeling with the conscious mind, listening and connecting with their “body/mind” in the present moment. All this combined with physical benefits and merits of a deep tissue massage that is actually just so relaxing.

Siyanda is a massage that takes you on a spiritual journey within, if you allow it! Where the conscious and the subconscious can converse in dialogue. It is both deep and relaxing at the same time.

It centers on the core of life, which is breath, used to ensure a connection with mind and a thought of “How much more can I release with my next breath”? It is important to know that this does not have to be dramatic outbursts. Release can be a quiet groan or, a gentle sigh. Sometimes the quieter the release, the deeper it goes.

In a Siyanda session we are aiming to get the client to reach the place where the autonomic system kicks in and self-healing takes place.

An explanation of some of the elements that Siyanda utilizes during a treatment session.

Most massage’s focus on the structural and the physical effects of touch. Siyanda works on a Physical, Emotional, Energetic, Mental and a Spiritual level.

Most problems are not physical anyway, even sports injuries are mainly emotional and psychological issues. Siyanda addresses the way in which touch has a massive emotional and psychological impact on the client. This results in most issues being resolved, including the physical. These are just symptoms. Because 633 muscles of the human body in one way or another are attached to the mind (otherwise they wouldn’t move when we want them to). So, if the client can release their mind, all muscles can release in just one moment. Far more effective than trying to release one muscle at a time. This is why we get the client to breath, feel and release throughout the Siyanda massage treatment.

Siyanda is a form of synergy. For example, together with other elemental techniques, it actively utilizes the Alpha state of brainwave frequencies that can and mostly does, naturally happen when we are receiving any type of massage.

The Alpha Frequency

img_1251In normal waking state where we are interacting with the physical world around us, we produce waves at a range of 14hertz or more. This is known as the Beta phase. The Alpha phase is reached during light sleep but also meditative states, when relaxing, day dreaming or during prayer. Therefore, since we can slip into this state on purpose, it can be and is more often than not reached during massage.

The Alpha state is the gateway to our subconscious, when the door between the conscious and the subconscious is open furthest. An opportunity that Siyanda optimizes.

It is important that whilst receiving a massage consideration to what is being said or thought about is positive. Some people like to talk during their massage about their lives and their problems. It is actually counter therapeutic because they are trying to solve problems out loud. How can they have a dialogue with their subconscious when they are in dialogue about negativities and programming their woes deeper? It means they are talking about past issues or the future. In order to release all those stresses and tensions, we need them to be in the present.  A place that healing take’s place. So, that’s why breath, focusing on how the body is feeing and release gets results.

The Hara

img_1299In Taoism the Tan Tien (Hara) is considered to be the center of the body. It is both a generator and storage place for Chi (energy). The Tan Tien Naval area is where you can unify your body, mind and spirit. The Tan Tien Chi can heal and restore the human body to its original wholeness. This particular portal is the doorway between the physical body and the energy body.

All energy channels that create and sustain the physical body emerge from there and return there. So, by both breathing during the massage from this center, there is now a healing circle between the client and the practitioner.