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A message from one body worker to the other.

Siyanda was created for the therapist in mind. Since our profession although caring for our clients well-being, has the potential to become hazardous to our own. Inevitably at some stage in our career most of us result in having either back, shoulder, wrist, fingers or thumb problems.

My aim was to find a method that would see me into (even) older age, always being able to work and feel good.  The only way I could imagine this happening was if there was no pressure and weight passing through some of my body’s smallest joints, muscles, nerves and tendons, namely the wrist and fingers. Also, being able to protect at all times with no stress or strain my other parts of the body.  I discovered that I could do this by using my own body weight through its larger surfaces and keeping my body supported and yet rested during the entire treatment. So that, if a therapist used these techniques they could safely do massage with excellence for many years without any further wear and tear on their own health.

Indeed, by also following the breathing that facilitates the stroke and flexing the body to apply the body weight as pressure, the therapist is also having a therapeutic session simultaneously. This may all sound complicated and difficult, but in actual fact it is not.

Nothing could be simpler, easier, more energizing and more comfortable than to do a Siyanda massage as well as getting such remarkable results for both the therapist and the client at the same time.

The Siyanda massage can provide the therapist with a massage to offer their clients that is a completely different highly beneficial experience however, making sure that their own health and comfort is maintained.

What better than to provide a worthwhile service offering a massage treatment that works on so many levels; is deep yet relaxing and supports the client in getting much more from each session, the body worker is also supported by eliminating those fatigued aching and troublesome bodily parts and that actually energizes by encompassing the way we breathe, think and move during a Siyanda session.

This is “cutting edge” stuff. Siyanda is a quantum shift and as the seminar unfolds you will appreciate this yourselves.

It would be my great pleasure that should you decide to join the team and become a Siyanda massage practitioner or teacher, that we will meet. In the meantime,

I wish you a long, successful, happy and comfortable ‘journey’ in your career as a bodyworker.